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her1 Disrupts Dietary Supplement Industry

A Sustainable, Premium, and Preservative Packaging Solution for her1’s Natural Wellcare Products.

When Chanyu Xu started her1, she set the goal for herself to create a product that she would recommend to her grandma, mother, and friends. A lifestyle product with the highest possible standards that combines food and health in a way it hasn’t been done before: a 100% natural dietary supplement for women. her1 offers a dietary supplement that helps women improve their gut health and well-being. All-natural ingredients are based on functional food, plants, and natural bacterial cultures: no added sugar, preservatives, or synthetic filler. It’s a powder mix where natural ingredients give it its distinctive pink color and slightly fruity taste. While exploring options for packaging solutions, three requirements stood out that needed to be met: sustainable, premium look and feel, and preservatives qualities of the natural ingredients. “I think there is a behavioral change in our generation that you, as a consumer, want green, sustainable, good products,” Chanyu Xu states. “Gen Y and Z consumers want to know exactly what a product contains, where it comes from, and how sustainable it is.”

MIRON Glass Wide-neck Jars Refill Containers.

her1 understands its customers like no other. Recipes are created in-house, and natural ingredients are sourced by them to ensure a clean and sustainable, high-quality dietary supplement for women. Staying true to that in their packaging, her1 was looking for a sustainable packaging solution with premium looks and feel while preserving the highly sensitive natural ingredients and pink color. “I saw UV Defense Jars somewhere. I don’t remember where but it was at another company. And I was like, it’s black, but it is not black. It’s ultraviolet – interesting. It’s a cool design, a nice premium look and feel, and sustainable. And as our powder uses highly sensitive and only fresh ingredients, we needed something to protect our precious ingredients the best way.” They found their ideal packaging solution within theUV Defense Jars Saturn series: wide-neck jars. The jars are used as refill containers for their dietary supplements. Starting with a 400ml jar for the pink powder mix, her1 is now extending to different sizes to accommodate their latest innovations. Check them out on her.one.

her1 Reinvented Dietary Supplements for Women.

Chanyu Xu and her team rethought the whole experience of shopping and consuming dietary supplements for women. From the product creation and design to packaging, delivery, and aftercare. Before, the market has been dominated by mostly male product lines for extreme sporters or biohackers. Today, her1 is creating natural food supplements made for women by women. “So far, we only got positive feedback about the whole her1 experience, but especially the MIRON jars,” says Chanyu Xu. Many customers repurchase the product and receive a refill bag, which they can then store again in the MIRON jar. her1 also shares tutorials on upcycling the glass once the customers stop with the powder mix, contributing to a more sustainable world. We love it! Operating from their home base in Berlin/Germany, her1 ships their dietary supplement to women worldwide. With her multicultural team of 20 people, Chanyu Xu is currently developing new products to continuously support women’s health naturally. Find out more on her.one.