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How Inlight Beauty Founded the Organic Beauty Movement in Britain

“It’s always been in our family. Combining medicine and homeopathy to help people live a better life that’s closer to nature,” Loredana Spiezia says as she introduces the story of Inlight Beauty. Inlight Beauty brings beauty to life through healthy and radiant skin. Fusing nature’s alchemy, modern science, and green chemistry, they produce skincare that works not only on the skin but with it. Loredana Spiezia and her husband, Dr. Mariano Spiezia, have proven to the world what many ought to be impossible: skincare products can be 100% organic and truly natural and without any synthetic preservatives. It’s the story of two pioneers. “We advocated clean beauty from the start before the term ‘organic’ became a buzzword. And we never betrayed our commitment to only and always produce 100% organic and truly natural products.” Loredana Spiezia tells about their journey to founding Inlight Beauty. Already back in the 90s when Dr. Mariano Spiezia and her ran a fasting center in Italy, Dr. Marinao Spezia combined orthodox medicine with nature’s extraordinary powerful herbs. And also later with their first skincare line and what we know as Inlight Beauty today, the Spiezias stayed true to what they knew to be true that “it is possible to create clean and all-natural skincare without artificial preservatives .” Dr. Mariano Spiezia is a doctor of medicine, medical herbalist, and renowned skin expert that brings a lifetime of investigation and study into his skincare creations. He combines conventional medicine, ancient alchemy, and plants’ extraordinary properties to deliver the purest and most natural nutrition in a form that the skin recognizes and absorbs immediately. He patented the Bio-lipophilic Matrix®, which consists of the purest, rawest, organic oils and is at the heart of all Inlight Beauty products. At Inlight Beauty, raw materials are processed as little as possible to preserve their natural integrity and vitality. And they are exposed to the sun and moonlight to maintain the vibrant harmony of the ingredients. “Only nature respects the nature of your skin,” Dr. Spiezia states. Needless to say, that Spiezia put just as much thought and care into their packaging solution as they do in the production of skincare products. Looking for a preservative, sustainable, and premium packaging solution, they tried many different glass types. “In the very beginning, it was Amber glass that we repainted with organic, water-based paint. We wanted it to look dark on the outside. And it was a sustainable solution, which is important to us. Still, it did not have sufficient protective properties of the content.” “And then we discovered violet glass. We saw other companies use it, and we were interested in its preservative properties. So, we ordered a sample. And when I touched the glass for the first time, I felt certain energy. It was different from other glass types we had before. Wow,” Loredana says. “So, we tried it. We quickly noticed that our products stay fresh longer and that the vitality of the product too because it is not hit by sunlight that can deteriorate the energy and quality of the product.” Ever since Inlight Beauty packages all its products in UV Defense Jars.