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How UV Defense Jars Are Upcycled Into Art

Quirin Krumbholz, the founder of Buster Bang, has a background in product design and architecture. As a product designer, he is always using the upcycling principle to re-adapt or re-purpose materials or explores ways to use items in a new creative way. As a result, his house is packed with self-made furniture made from a variety of different existing products. The most liked item by his friends is the table made from glass bottles. Despite the elegant and simple looking design, it took Quirin different prototypes of the so-called Bang Blasts, which are the central pieces of the table. This resulted in experimenting with 3D printing techniques as well as materials such as wood and charring processes. The later process is a very old technique that protects the material against environmental influences like weather and insects. The table is currently available with different glass bottles. Yet, we are proud to hear that the one with UV Defense Jars is sold the most due to its unique colour, size and shape. A fun fact is that the name Buster Bang comes from the ‘big bang’. Inspired by the centrepiece, like the planet MIRON (Neptune) ‘exploding’ into the bottles.
The unique tables can be perceived as a perfect example of what it means to up-cycle and to think past the usual ending of a life cycle for consumer products. Upcycling leads the way for many designers and builders to contribute to rewriting the story of products and materials. To come up with new ways of how to apply the principles of reducing, reusing and recycling. For Buster Bang, this implies using sustainable materials as much as possible which also can be recycled. The ultimate goal would be a circular economy. Buster Bang hereby emphasizes the importance of developing new strategies and engaging with clients in a positive dialogue towards designing for the environment. We love to be a small part of this creative brand which reflects our own goals to give back to nature and to bring nature closer to ourselves. The future for Buster Bang holds many possibilities with the commonality of up-cycling. With a personal interest and passion in mind, Quirin Krumbholz is looking forward to turning ideas into products worth making. AtUV Defense Jars we can’t wait to see what comes next! Check out the website of Buster Bang to learn more about them and their products.