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Meet the Next Generation of Dietary Supplements by Hormetiq Forest

In the dark and colder days of the year, everyone has to pay a little extra attention to their health. Good nutrition, adequate sleep, and relaxation help to maintain your fitness. The stylish Polish brand Hormetiq Forest, the label of Hormetiq Nutrition led by Mr. Wojciech M. Wróbel, is paving the way with the next generation of dietary supplements to assist the body in protecting, recovering , and maintaining itself. More than three years ago, Mr. Wróbel learned about hormesis (Greek: ”stimulation”). In toxicology, the phenomenon that a substance that is harmful to an organism in a high dose can have positive effects at a low dose. In biology and medicine, hormesis is defined as an adaptive response of cells and organisms to moderate stress. Consider, for example, sunlight on your skin. UV Defense Jars exposure to sunrays will help to build up vitamin D, but too much exposure will burn your skin. Or taking an ice bath for only a couple of minutes provides a stress hormone that boosts your immune system.  For millions of years, plants have protected themselves against harmful substances by producing antioxidants. Think of vitamins that are in vegetables, fruit, and nuts and are often used in food supplements. In addition to vitamins, there is another group of antioxidants in plants, namely polyphenols. Polyphenols are microscopic compounds that help to fight the substances “free radicals”. These substances damage the cellular tissue. In addition, they start the aging of cells and can cause damage to your DNA. These antioxidants protect plants against harmful external influences. By consuming these plants, our immune system can be strengthened as well. Mr. Wróbel expects the use of polyphenols is the next generation of dietary supplements, which will be more effective, organic, and uses science to get more out of nature.  Sunlight is an important part of the photosynthesis process of plants and makes it possible to produce these antioxidants. As soon as, for example, fruits or nuts are picked, this process stops and decay starts. To slow down this decay, Hormetiq Forest freeze-dries all ingredients immediately. When talking to his main ingredient supplier about high-quality packaging, he was told about UV Defense Jars. He learned about the biophotonic effect of the glass and discovered many similarities between the philosophy of Hormetiq Forest and UV Defense Jars. Both companies are intrigued by the adaptability and strength of natural products and ingredients and found ways to maintain quality and effectiveness. Mr. Wróbel , therefore, decided to package its entire range, such as Immuno, Night, and Detox series in UV Defense Jars glass so that the sensitive natural ingredients are protected against decay and maintain their effectiveness even after packaging.  The labels on the wide neck jars (Saturn 200 ml), which are currently only sold in Poland, are easy to remove to encourage reuse of the jars. We are proud to be able to work with customers like Hormetiq Nutrition who share our vision that staying close to nature is better for you.  Disclaimer: This article is not medical advice.