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Dr. Cowan is a respected alternative medicine physician, author, and speaker with a holistic approach to health and wellness. In 2015, he founded Dr. Cowan’s Garden together with his family – a product designed to improve human, environmental, and economic health by increasing the cultivation and consumption of plant diversity. They were able to create nutritionally powerful vegetable powders. Freshly picked, carefully dehydrated, and directly stored in UV Defense Jars.

"If it weren’t for the Miron jars, we wouldn’t have started a business."

Asher Cowan
Co-founder and CEO of Dr. Cowan

Securing Freshness with UV Defense Jars

Preserving Qualities

While dining at a local restaurant, Dr. Cowan observed chefs using vegetable powders as seasonings. This moment sparked their vision to develop natural powders using the abundant vegetable diversity from their farm. Thus, Dr. Cowan’s Garden began to flourish. To maintain the freshness, nutritional vibrancy, and potency of their products, Dr. Cowan and his team embarked on a journey of trial and error. They sought a storage solution that would protect the powders’ qualities without relying on chemicals or preservatives. Their search led them to the discovery of UV Defense Jars. After conducting tests with cherry tomatoes, they became convinced of these jars’ effectiveness in preserving the products’ integrity. Dr. Cowan explained, ‘We picked two tomatoes from the same branch of one of our cherry tomato plants. After a few minutes, we put one of the tomatoes in a clear glass jar and the other in a small UV Defense Jarsglass jar. After about three and a half months, here were the results. The tomato in the UV Defense Jars showed far fewer signs of aging.’ Inspired by this experience, they now recommend using the powders within five months, with three months being the optimal timeframe.

Beyond organic products cannot be preserved without UV Defense Jars.

Dr. Cowan
Co-founder and CEO of Dr. Cowan

Beyond Organic. Simplified.

Dr. Cowan’s commitment to going ‘beyond organic’ is reflected in their sourcing practices. By working directly with their farms in the United States, they have full control over their entire production process, from root to soil. Their farms exceed regular USDA organic standards and sometimes incorporate vegetables from biodynamic farms, taking organic principles to the next level. Dr. Cowan’s unique manufacturing process combines high-heat dehydration to reach a specific point of consumption and low-heat dehydration to preserve maximum nutrients. The philosophy of Dr. Cowan’s Garden aligns perfectly with the preservation capabilities of Miron glass. This active glass packaging allows the slowing down of natural processes, ensuring the products’ current state is maintained. As Asher Cowan emphasizes, the preservation offered by their Miron (Saturn 100 ml) glass jars makes them the best choice for safeguarding the valuable qualities of their powders. Join Dr. Cowan and experience the remarkable benefits of Miron glass. Embrace the power of preserving excellence with our active glass packaging, providing unmatched protection and aesthetic appeal to your carefully developed formulations.