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Preserving the Holy Grail of Essence

CO2 extracts, what’s that?

To start with the basics, CO2 extracts, also known as supercritical fluid CO2 extracts, are pure plant extracts obtained with a new innovative and efficient extraction process. The process uses carbon dioxide in a liquid form (e.g., supercritical state) to penetrate organic substances such as plants. “Thanks to this method, the final extracts contain a high content of active bio-components while at the same time preserving the character of the natural material. In short, the CO2 extraction process from plants such as herbs and spices is similar to the extraction of essential oils but is obtained in a different, purer, and more efficient way,” Brezigar tells us.

The perfect match between nature and science

The story of Essentia Pura began when the team behind the company was inspired by the technology of supercritical CO2 extraction and its combination with medicinal botanicals. After thorough research, they found multiple plants and spices that looked promising, with one standing out – the hemp plant. According to Brezigar, “we believe that the hemp plant can be extremely beneficial because it possesses active ingredients also known as Cannabinoids, which affect the endocannabinoid system in a way that helps restore the natural balance in the human body. More specifically, the hemp plant is a source in which the entourage effect occurs. This effect is a proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds are combined, creating the positive effects of the plant without getting high. The effect is similar to whole-plant medicine, where more active compounds affect the human endocannabinoid systems, which works to keep your body in homeostasis (balance).” There is a growing body of research on the effects of the hemp plant in such areas as pain relief, stress reduction, epileptic shock prevention, cancer-fighting properties, and more. These are all directly related to the active ingredients in the extracts produced by Essentia Pura. When the benefits were found to work on friends and family, the team at Essentia’s Pura was convinced that they had found the perfect match between nature and science. From then on, they were compelled to share these benefits with a wider audience. However, Brezigar says, “the main problem we were facing was preserving the terpenes found in hemp. These are very volatile substances and can degrade when exposed to direct sunlight. The protective violet packaging from UV Defense Jars can greatly assist in preventing the degradation of terpenes, particularly limonene and γ-terpinene, which can be found in our CBD products..”

CO2 extraction process

Since 2014, Essentia Pura has been involved in developing and researching the supercritical CO2 extraction process. Working directly with the extraction equipment manufacturer, they provided input and feedback as the machine was developed, allowing them to perfect the equipment. Now, the entire process is based on three variables that directly affect how the liquid CO2 gas interacts with the plant material. These variables, also known as parameters, are pressure, temperature, and time. Each variable is of great importance and has a direct impact on the outcome of the extraction. “Through trial and error, we have found the optimal parameters for a large spectrum of plants, allowing us to produce botanical extracts of the highest quality,” says Brezigar. So, how does CO2 extraction work? First, the raw materials, called biomass, are carefully analyzed and selected. The cylinders of the extraction machine are then filled with dry and ground biomass. After the parameters for extraction are set, the CO2 gas is pressurized at temperatures where it enters its supercritical state. This state is often described as a ‘cloud-like’ state between gas and liquid. In this state, the CO2 turns into a highly penetrating solvent with extremely low viscosity and surface tension. Its physical and solvent properties can be controlled even further through the parameters. The supercritical CO2 gas then flows through the plants, drawing all essential oil-soluble and water-soluble elements out of the plant and into collection vessels. After the process is finished, the extract is collected from the collection vessels and processed further. Brezigar tells us that, “sourcing the right packaging is extremely important to us, since our products usually contain bioactive ingredients that need to be stored in suitable packaging to preserve them. Proper storage is, therefore, crucial as it allows our products to preserve their biodynamic properties for longer. This way, we know we can deliver top-quality products to our customers. What we were looking for above all was quality assurance, accountability, smooth communication, trustworthiness, and a fair price. Luckily, these were all covered when we chose UV Defense Jars.”

MIRON. A perfect fit for our services

“After using UV Defense Jars, we noticed that it helped our product last longer after opening, preserved the aroma and color better, and kept the products fresh longer.” Brezigar continues, “We were very happy with the results for both our CBD oils and CBD creams. The preserving properties of violet glass really amazed us, and we were immediately convinced that we had found an ideal packaging supplier. Essentia Pura offers its customers wholesale CBD products, including white label CBD products and private label CBD products.. According to Brezigar, “UV Defense Jars is a perfect fit for our services because it allows us to offer our customers high quality, sleek, and clean packaging that is perfect for creating their own brand with a premium feel. We always recommend our clients use UV Defense Jars for all products we produce because it is the highest quality packaging we offer, and we believe it matches our quality of products and services.”