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Think about a sunny autumn day. As days are getting colder and shorter, the body and mind are longing for sunlight. You go outside. You feel the warmth on your skin, and the light blinds your eyes: energy and a feeling of being connected to the world float through you.

When Is the Last Time You Felt That Sensation?

After a few cloudy days, most of us feel something is missing: the energetic power of the sun. We miss the energy we experience when exposed to sunlight, and that we still feel hours after returning from a walk. It is light that turns into energy.

Most of us try to maintain that energetic power of the sun throughout autumn and winter by taking vitamin D and E, spending time outside during the day, or even visiting a solarium. We all wish we could preserve it within us and never let it go again. But is that possible?

Yes, It Is

It’s called biophotons. Biophotons are the light particles contained in natural products. Just as you do, plants absorb sunlight and turn it into energy it needs to grow and mature. Light is life – literally. And biophotons are a way to measure how much sunlight is stored in a natural product, indicating its ability to provide us with the sun’s energetic power.

The More Biophotons Are Contained, the More We Benefit From a Natural Product.

Your vitality is directly related to biophotons in your body. You receive them from absorbing sunlight through your eyes and skin, and from nutrition. But did you know that most of today’s products contain little or no biophotons? Especially food. Biophotons in processed and preserved food are low, and that’s why your body does not benefit from consuming it. Even more so, it costs energy instead of providing it.

A shame considering biophotons’ positive effects: they increase your vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent diseases. The more biophotons are available to your body, the more it improves your health and well-being. They ensure that energy remains in the body, and we feel balanced. A lack of them, and we get tired and are more vulnerable to getting sick.

You Can Preserve Biophotons in Your Natural Product by Storing It in UV Defense Jars.

Biophotons are not easy to preserve. We all understand that sunlight enables plants to grow, but the effect of the sunlight changes after harvesting. Further exposure to it would stimulate the decay of the plants, hence biophotons. It is crucial to protect natural products from sunlight to maintain their energetic value.

UV Defense Jars is an antioxidant glass that preserves products’ biophotons by acting as a natural filter to sunlight. It only allows rays of light to enter that maintain the natural product’s energetic power: visible violet light, non-visible UVA, and far-Infrared lights. Frequences that protect and nurture the quality of organic matter. Any decay-accelerating light is blocked out and cannot contribute to a loss of biophotons.

Biophotons bring your customers closer to nature. Your natural product is full of them and deserves a packaging solution that preserves the very essence of it.

Learn more about the benefits of using UV Defense Jars for your natural product by watching this video or reading this page.

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