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Cosmetic jar Ceres 5ml, 29 special thread UV Defenes Jars

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General information

  • Item code:                                           HF10631-204
  • Product type:                                      cosmetic jars
  • Design-serie:                                       Ceres
  • Capacity to fill point:                         5 ml
  • Thread:                                                 special
Product description
The 5 ml Ceres Cosmetic Jar is perfect for both cosmetics and food, and can hold items such as cream, scrubs, spices, herbs, and semiliquid products. Our elegant Ceres jars have a narrow shape, which gives it a taller profile and a smaller mouth that facilitates easier pouring experience for your customers. This classic design has a height of 25.8 ±0.6 mm, a width of 36.11 +1 / -0.5 mm, and weighs 36 g. This round cosmetic jar has a special thread, which pairs with both classic and modern lids options. The elegant classic lids have rounded edges, adding a timeless look to your product. For a more contemporary look, the modern lids feature straight edges and either a smooth or a glossy finish. Under the lid, pressure sensitive seals can add a protective layer to natural products within the Ceres Cosmetic Jar and support our glass jars by protecting natural products from the effects of agents that can cause degradation, such as oxygen and moisture. The 5 ml Ceres is available in packs of 95 bottles. The Ceres Cosmetic Jar family comes in six different sizes for all your needs, varying in volume capacity from 5 ml (1/6 oz) up to 100 ml (3.4 oz).



General information

  • Capacity to fill point:                        5 ml
  • Capacity to brimful:                          7.4 ml
  • Height:                                                 25.8 mm
  • Diameter:                                            36.11 mm
  • Weight:                                                36 gram
  • Shape:                                                   Round
  • Material:                                              UV Defenes Jars



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