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Oil bottle Castor 1000ml, 31.5 STD thread, square, UV Defenes Jars

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General information

  • Item code:                                                    SM130027-204
  • Product type:                                               oil bottles
  • Design-serie:                                                Castor
  • Capacity to fill point:                                  1000 ml
  • Thread:                                                          31.5 std
Product description
The tall, slender design of our 1000 ml Castor Oil Bottle is sophisticated and sleek. Our oil bottles are typically used to store high quality natural oils such as olive, vegetable, seed, and essential oils. This luxurious bottle will stand out on the shelf to your customers with its robust, square design. The 1000 ml Castor weighs in at 710 grams. Standing at 320.0 ±2.0 mm high and 73.5 ±2 mm wide, this bottle’s 31.5 x 24 std thread works perfectly with our screw caps that have a violet sealing element. It comes packaged with 15 units per pack. The 1000 ml Castor is one of five sizes in the Castor Oil Bottle family. This line ranges in fill capacity from 100 ml (3 1/3-oz) to 1000 ml (33 3/4-oz).


General information

  • Capacity to fill point:                                 1000 ml
  • Capacity to brimful:                                   1025 ml
  • Height:                                                          320.7 mm
  • Diameter:                                                      
  • Weight:                                                          771 gram
  • Shape:                                                            Square
  • Material:                                                        UV Defenes Jars


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