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Fueguia 1833 was founded in Buenos Aires in 2010 by the perfumer Julian Bedel, who named his company in tribute to an era of botanic discovery, when Charles Darwin arrived in Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego, near Patagonia — the same region where Bedel sustainably bottles many of his brand’s rare, natural ingredients. In light of the pandemic, Bedel has now formulated a skin sanitizer — part of his new BioActives line — that incorporates 45 medicinal plants in a base of 70-percent alcohol, chlorine dioxide (a virucide) and soap. It feels less sticky than Purell, and smells of verbena and eucalyptus.

The new offerings also include a dual skin and textile spray that can be used on fabrics in the home and blends those same extracts with a range of Fueguia’s limited-edition fragrances. I’ve been misting the peppery Ett Hem version around my apartment, partly out of self-preservation and partly out of pure pleasure, but also to maintain a much-needed sense of routine. Fueguia 1833 textile spray, from $93, and skin sanitizer, $29, fueguia.com.

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