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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? Some questions have been asked before by other customers. We have listed them below in order to help you as fast as possible. If your question is not listed below, please contact us.


How precise are the dimensions listed in the product description fields?
The measurement is precise if it is listed with tolerance (depicted as a “±”). In all other cases, the dimensions are approximate. For any questions about the dimensions of labels, please contact one of our sales representatives.
Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
When viewing a particular item on our website, you will see a number of units listed for which you are able to request a quote. This initial number shown is the MOQ for that particular item. This is based on the number of units that are able to be shipped per tray (may also be known as a safe pack). You are able to increase the quanity of your order based on multiples of that initial number of units. For example, if the MOQ for a water bottle is 12 units, you are also able to request a quote for 24, 36, 48, etc.
Can UV Defense Jars supply other types of glass other than violet glass?
UV Defense Jars specializes in the production and distribution of exclusive, patented violet glass. However, we do have partners who specialize in other types of glass. Please contact one of our sales representatives and we will be happy to assist you with this.
Do you offer any printing or design services?
We do not have in-house printing or design services. However, we do have partners in these industries. If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of our sales representatives.
Is UV Defense Jars able to supply consumer product packaging in addition to your products?
We do not offer in-house consumer product packaging. However, we do have partners in these industries. If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of our sales representatives.


Why is it called violet glass when it looks closer to black?
The violet color can best be seen by looking through a single wall of the jar or bottle toward a bright light source. This will make the violet color more easily visible.
What is the hot-end coating that UV Defense Jars uses on its glass?
Hot-end coating is a protective layer that is sprayed on the glass when it comes out of the oven. It is applied when the glass is at a temperature of 600 degrees Celsius. The glazing hardens with the glass and gives it a protective layer that prevents the glass from being easily scratched during the transport and filling process. If you consider printing directly on the bottle or jar, your printer should remove the coating before printing. Please contact your sales representative if you need more information on this process.
How can UV Defense Jars Violetglass be recognized?
Our glass can be identified by our logo, which is positioned on the bottom of each container. One exception is the wide cosmetic jars. In this case, the logo is located in between the threads. If you have any concerns about the authenticity of a product, or have any additional questions, please contact us. One of our sales representatives will be more than happy to assist you!
What do the neck finish numbers mean?
Neck finish numbers are made up of two separate numbers that are separated by a backslash (for example, 18/400). The first refers to the diameter (in millimeters) across the outside of the glass’s threads. The second number refers to the thread style, taking into account the number of threads and how often it wraps around the neck. It is used to determine the number of turns required to seat the lid on the container.
Why choose UV Defense Jars over any other type of glass?
UV Defense Jars is more than just luxurious, purple-colored glass; it is a unique, patented, special blend of minerals that are combined to make a miraculous glass. It is the only type of glass that acts as a filter to block the full spectrum of light, allowing only violet light and UV-A / InfraRed to penetrate the glass. As a result, the nutrients and vitality of natural and organic ingredients that are stored in UV Defense Jars are naturally enhanced and perfectly preserved!
Why is glass the most hygienic material for packaging purposes?
The materials in glass do not physically have any consequences on the products stored in the glass. Glass itself does not release or absorb anything from a product, having no effect on its taste or aroma. Glass is both waterproof and gas-proof and is not affected by climate variations. It also has a high resistance to chemicals. Glass can easily be sterilized which makes it very hygienic.
What are the advantages of glass compared to plastic?
Unlike plastic, glass can safely store food without leaching chemicals into it. It is also waterproof and gas-proof, as well as fully recyclable.


If multiple bottles have the same neck finish, will the same closure fit on each of them?
While most closures fit multiple bottles, this is not always the case. This is because there are multiple lengths of dip tubes. It is important to make sure you select the right pump for the bottle. If you need help, please reach out to your sales representative. They will be more than happy to assist you.
Are closures available in colors other than black?
Black is the standard color we keep in inventory to ensure reliability and fast delivery. However, we can supply closures in almost any color provided a minimum order of between 10,000-50,000 units is made (depending on the product and the supplier). We are more than happy to discuss other possibilities if you prefer an alternative color.
Can seals be used for any type of container, regardless of its contents?
Seals cannot be used for any liquid product due to the interaction of the liquid with the glue used. Keep in mind that aluminum seals, like the ones that are typically found on cosmetic containers, require a machine for application. These cannot be applied to a container by hand. However, we will be happy to put you in contact with someone who can assist with this. The seals that we provide can only be used for dry products in jars.
How are seals applied to the container?
To apply a seal, place the seal on the inside of the lid. Be sure to place the side of the seal with text facing inside the lid, leaving the white side face up. Secure the lid on the jar by tightening the lid. Leave the lid unopened for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure the seal is ready.
Do any other closures work with your glass?

Since most of our products are made with industry standard neck finishes, other closures should fit our glass. Please note that several of our glass containers (including the Ceres, Eris, and Sirius design series, and the Carina 500ml Vitamin Jar) feature a unique thread that cannot easily be found in other places. These containers only work with specific closures that can be found at UV Defense Jars. All of closures supplied by UV Defense Jars are made in Europe by top-of-the-line suppliers. If you purchase closures from another supplier, we cannot guarantee that they will fit or be leak free. UV Defense Jars 100% guarantees that all its own closures and accessories work with the corresponding violet glass items. If you decide to use a closure from another supplier, we recommend that the compatibility of the glass and closure is properly tested first.


Can liquids be stored in apothecary jars?
We do not recommend storing liquid products in our apothecary jars as it can be difficult to pour liquids from them. Additionally, although the closures for our apothecary jars are 99% airtight, there is a slight risk that liquid product could leak. However, they are great for storing spices, tea, solid honey, vitamins, food, and much more!
I am having a difficult time opening the apothecary jar. What should I do?
Sometimes the apothecary jars can be a little difficult to open at first. One easy solution is to tap the side of the lid with a wooden spoon to help loosen it.

Bespoke packaging questions

What is the difference between a standard mold and a custom mold?
Any glass bottle company can use standard molds. The cost of the mold is factored into the cost per item. We can produce custom molds for our customers. The cost of the custom mold is a one-time cost, or it can be included into the cost per item. When producing a set of molds, it requires a minimum order quantity (MOQ) to fill an entire production run. Depending on the production line, and the size and shape of the desired packaging, exact quantities can be determined. Generally spoken, the costs associated with creating a new mold starts at 15,000 euros.
What is the process for making a custom mold?
The stages to create a custom mold are as follows: • The initial design is submitted • Submitted design is converted to a technical drawing • Approval of technical drawing is completed • Payment for costs of initial mold is made • Trial mold is prepared • Samples are sent for approval • Payment for costs of whole mold set is made • Complete mold set is then prepared • Final production takes place

Quality questions

What kind of quality control is performed by UV Defense Jars?
All our glass bottles and jars go through a rigorous quantity test where we measure the weight, content, dimensions, and other categories for any irregularities. Machines on the production line measure for wall thickness, perform crack testing, and conduct impurity testing on samples throughout the production to ensure that quality is of the utmost excellence.
What should I do when the product arrives?
We suggest immediately checking the delivery for any noticeable damage. If you notice that product(s) are not in acceptable condition or any other irregularities, please reach out to your sales representative immediately. To see what information you need to gather, please refer to the “What if I have a complaint?” section.
What if I have a complaint?
We stand 100% behind the quality and durable of our products. However, situations do arise where our product arrives damaged when delivered. We ask that you collect the following information: item numbers (including the quantity ordered and an estimate of the number of damaged products), the order number, the badge number, a description of the complaint, and photos of the damage. Once you have gathered the information, please reach out to your sales representative with this information and they will work with the customer service team to resolve your issue quickly.

Quality questions

Can UV Defense Jars Violetglass be recycled?
Yes, we are very proud to say that UV Defense Jars is 100% recyclable. However, we encourage our customers to find a second (or third or fourth…) use for our glass products. Whether it be to store natural products at home, or use to store items at the office, our glass products are very robust and can be used multiple times for many different needs.
Can all the closures/lids be recycled?
Currently, our closures and lids are made up of an assortment of both single and mixed material items. For example, the closures for our apothecary jars are made entirely out of glass. Alternatively, the pipettes are made from multiple materials (the cap, bulb, and glass). In this case, each of these items needs to be disposed of separately. While not all our closures/lids can be recycled at this time, we are looking into possible alternatives so that we can provide more sustainable options in the future.
What is the recycling code of UV Defense Jars?

UV Defense Jars is distributed all over the world. Each country and region may have different rules or regulations when it comes to recycling glass. We advise that you check the rules for your local municipality to confirm what is accepted in the local recycling program.