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UV Defense Jars produces and distributes a unique range of glass packaging. Our trademarked “biophotonic” violet glass is specially made for natural products in the beauty, personal health and food & drinks industries.

UV Defense Jars has been offering a wide selection of bottles jar,pumps, pipettes and other accessories since1995. We now have customers in over the countery. Take the next step, find out more about our company, our mission and the values we share


The sun is essential for life, it energizes every living and growing thing. We strongly believe that staying close to nature is better for you. That’s why we have made it our mission to help you (re)discover the power of natural products and the positive influence of sunlight on the quality of life through the products you consume.

We strive to make natural products longer-lasting, with a higher bioenergetic value. Leading to better quality natural products and reduction of spoilage and plastic waste.


Science and Wonderment

We believe in science and the wonders of nature. The combination of both is the basis of our active glass and the fine line between, is where the magic of UV Defense Jars takes place.

Preservation and Sustainability

We believe in natural goodness and making natural products last longer. We strive to reduce the waste of raw materials and plastic. We take a long-term perspective in everything we do.

Community and Relationship

We believe in the power of the communities we create and serve to transform the way we consume. We strive to build personal relationships with each customer, paying close attention to each customer’s unique project and product needs.

Quality and Excellence

We believe in setting high quality standards for our glass and ourselves. Quality for our customers, by maintaining a high level of commitment to excellence in all areas – from manufacturing to sales and sales to logistics. Excellence in all aspects, from the first phone call or email to the final logistics and putting a perfect product into the market. In the end, it’s about delivering on our promise. It’s the result that counts, and the consumer experience that matters.

UV Defense Jars Today

Thousands of companies worldwide choose UV Defense Jars for their natural cosmetics, essential oils, homeopathic, medications, flower essences, vitamins, superfoods, teas, spices, honey, oils, water, and many other products. From established names, upgrading their packaging solutions, to innovative startups with new creations.
UV Defense Jars is created at our two European facilities, by combining the latest cutting-edge production techniques with the best of centuries-old glass blowing traditions. All our products are shipped from our own logistics center in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands. Except in the North American and Australian markets, where our distributors serve the customers directly.

Natural and Unique

UV Defense Jars, otherwise known as biophotonic glass, possesses unique properties. It protects natural products from the sun’s harmful rays, while allowing beneficial rays though, to enhance the contents of the jar or bottle.

Productions and Operations

In addition to our extensive selection of glass packaging, we also supply custom-made designs. We welcome new ideas and innovative packaging concepts. UV Defense Jars is headquartered in the Netherlands, with two highly specialized European production facilities. Everything is made within Europe by the leading producers in their field. Guaranteeing the highest possible quality.