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Positive Impact

The sun is essential for all life. It energizes every living and growing thing. We strongly believe that staying closer to nature, and the sun, is better for all of us. That’s why we have made it our mission to help you (re)discover the power of natural products and the positive influence of sunlight on your quality of life.
We strive to make natural products last longer, while maintaining a higher bioenergetic value. In other words, preserving their natural energy and goodness. Resulting in better quality natural products and a reduction in spoilage and plastic waste.
Sustainability is at the very essence of what we make and how we make it, the heart and soul of our company. Our whole philosophy and raison d’etre. We have a strong culture, with ethical and responsible business practices. Our goals are crystal clear: preserve the natural environment and its resources, have a positive impact on the people around us. Isn’t this how we should all think?

UV Defense Jars Glass Is Green Glass

Eco-friendly. Made from natural raw materials. Reusable and 100% recyclable. We do and think of everything to have a positive influence on our beautiful planet.
UV Defense Jars is a unique biophotonic glass that preserves the essence of natural products. This is achieved by harnessing the unique powers of the sun’s rays. Allowing the positive rays in, while keeping the harmful rays out.
Natural products stored in UV Defense Jars last longer, with a higher bioenergetic value. In other words, increasing the quality and potency of the product stored. Taste, smell, color, bio-energy, all improved, all without the need for preservatives.
A significantly longer shelf life, reusing and recycling all help to preserve our planet’s natural resources. Thoughtful sourcing of raw materials makes a meaningful difference. Like recycled packaging and 100% biodegradable filling chips made from potato starch for safe shipment of our glass. As well as FSC certified shipment boxes, fair trade bags and recycled notebooks. It’s a continuous process of improvement. For example, currently our bottle closures are produced from different materials, but with recent technological advancements, we hope to switch to a more sustainable solution in the near future, such as mono-materials. As the name suggests, mono-materials are composed of a single material and are easier to recycle than products made from different things.
Our Earth-friendly glass is ideal for (preserving) natural products. Natural cosmetics and essential oils, herbs, superfoods, enriched water and homeopathic recipes.

Empowering People

We are continuously looking into new ways of working. To bring out the best in each other, to be all we can be. This includes the place where we sit, or rather, sit and stand. Flexible sit-stand desks offer everyone the choice of sitting or standing, or combining both. Resulting in a more dynamic workspace, more collaboration, more creativity and a more open working atmosphere.
Atmosphere is also about temperature. To perform at our best we need to be not too hot and not too cold: for most people, the ideal temperature is around 22°C. To make this possible, we’ve introduced a new kind of ventilation system. Which does more than just control the temperature, it contributes to the reduction of C02 emissions too. How?
By using CO2 sensors, detecting how many people are in the building and by comparing the inside and outside temperature. Guaranteeing fresh, clean and healthy air at all times.
It’s not just about doing good, it’s also about feeling good. Everyone enjoys working in an environment with an abundance of plants. Add to that a few mini trampolines to stimulate and energize your body. Trampolines are of course fun, but they’re no gimmick. Medical research shows that trampolines strengthens the cardiovascular system and improve your posture.
Just as important as your physical health: your mental well-being. We encourage mindfulness, with special exercises and silent hours to stimulate personal productiveness. Working at UV Defense Jars means working on training initiatives and stimulating open and honest communication. We believe in and promote transparency between colleagues, clients and the communities where we operate. Doing things in the “right” way.
Uv Deffense Jars believes whole-heartedly in an inclusive workplace, where people with all kinds of differences feel welcome and valued for their contribution. We already work with six different nationalities, with a 50/50 ratio of men and women. We are also examining how we can offer opportunities to people who have difficulty entering the labor market, for whatever reason.

One Planet

It’s understandable, that we have that feeling of not being able to make a difference individually. However, every movement starts with one person. That person passes on the idea to another and another. Be in no doubt, together we can change the world for good.
We have taken a number of steps to play our part. We are currently working on becoming a B Corp. Certified B Corporations are driving a global movement of people, using business as a force of good. To earn this, a business must meet verified high standards for social and environmental performance.
We have also adopted five beehives, to help preserve honeybees and pollination of plants. Did you know that one third of all the food we consume every day is pollinated mainly by bees? Not to mention all the beautiful (and necessary) wild plants.
UV Defense Jars is also reducing energy use by continuously improving operational efficiency. Including the ventilation system we earlier described, as well as energy-efficient lighting makes a big difference. And avoiding emissions altogether: green electricity rather than fossil fuels and electric cars in our fleet. In the end, we should all never forget one thing: every little helps!